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Powerful surfactants loosen any oils and greases from the mechanical parts that need to be degreased.

In the degreasing fountain, a resistance heats the cleaning product. The thermic action increases the preceding action and the degreasing reaction. 

During the whole cleaning process, the solution flows through the CLEAN3FILTER and is recycled. A pump recovers the solution at the bottom of the tank, the continuous purifying product is orientated to clean the part and to the CLEAN3FILTER to maintain a linear degreasing performance.

Interchangeable brushes provide mechanical action. The brushes are supplied with a flow of degreasing solution.

Allows the degreasing of steel and its light alloys, which are usually reactive, without leaving any marks or corrosion.  


  • Is an advantageous replacement for solvents
  • No hygiene and safety labelling required
  • Non-flammable solution, no flash point
  • No VOC's emissions. Non toxic for users
  • Excellent degreasing properties
  • Very good emulsifying power
  • Loosens and eliminates adhering particles
  • Contains no soda or caustic products
  • Contains anticorrosive agents
  • Does not attack ferrous or non ferrous metals and composite materials
  • Does not leave marks
  • Is a good way to reduce production of waste
Documents to download :
  • Technical Data Sheet

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  • Cleaning solution for biological degreasing equipment: CLEAN3-101.
  • Suitable for manually degreasing parts soiled by oils, greases or hydrocarbons.
  • The degreased surfaces remain dry after blowing or wiping on all types of supports, ferrous or non-ferrous metals, light alloys, composite materials.
  • SAFRAN : PR1500
  • DGA (French Army) : Fiche identification n° 3721
  • SNCF (French Railways) : No 0 210 0050
  • Put the bag-in-box of CLEAN3BOOSTER NG on the side of the sink. Cut the cardboard along the dotted lines and take out the nozzle. Remove the cap and pour into the sink. Adjust the level of liquid to 80 litres, which corresponds to 4 bag-in-box (first use).
  • A completely empty after opening the bag-in-box.
  • Composition : aqueous solution of surfactants, nutrients, anti corrosive agents, buffer pH
  • Specific gravity : 1.0
  • pH : 7.8
  • Colour : translucent

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Should you need any further information on this product
please see our North American website :

Should you need any further information on this product
please see our North American website :