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Conductive coating

SOCOMORE is the exclusive-licensee of LORD® UltraConductive Lightning Strike Protection products for the Aerospace and Energy markets.


LORD® UltraConductive Film and Coatings for Lightning Strike Protection protect composite structures at half the weight of conventional metal foils, saving hundreds of pounds per aircraft. They provide a 55% direct weight saving, as compared to using copper expanded foils, and save additional weight by providing a smooth finish, reducing the use of primer and paint to correct the poor surface finish as seen with expanded copper foil perforations.


Additional benefits include Improved Safety, Reduced Costs, Heightened Corrosion Protection, and faster and easier repairs which keep your fleet ready for flight.

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Conductive Coating for LSP
UltraConductiveTM coating is a two-component epoxy coating designed as a single-layer spray coating for...
Conductive Surfacing Film for LSP
UltraConductiveTM film provides zone 1A and zone 2A lightning strike protection (LSP) on composite aircraft...