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DIESTONE E is a solvent composition with a controlled volatility, used as a cleaning agent. It is free from halogenated hydrocarbons and is not classifed as toxic, harmful or corrosive (decree of 02/21/1990, EC 88/379, 89/178, 90/35). It does not contain any teratogenic or carcinogenic components.

  • Very high solvent power which gives excellent  cleaning and degreasing metallic surfaces before painting.
  • Non corrosive on metals.
  • Efficient reactivation and cleaning of epoxy or polyurethane primers.
  • Pleasant odour. Good cost/quality ratio.
  • Compatible with epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic nitrocellulose paints and lacquers
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Painting and paint stripping shops, construction and assembly :

  • Cleaning of paint application equipment (brushes, rollers, spray guns, spray booths, etc...).
  • Subsidiary stripper of dry paint films (elimination of polyvinyl primers and nitrocellulose lacquers).
  • Elimination of "washable" temporary protections
  • Cleaning of jointing, sealant and glue application equipment
  • Removal of excess quantities, marks and runs of jointing products, sealants and glues.

DIESTONE E can be used as supplied and without dilution at ambient temperature using the following methods:

  • spraying,
  • brushing or swabbing,
  • by circulation in paint equipment pipes.
  • Appearance : clear liquid
  • Specific gravity : (at 20°C/68°F) 0.9
  • Flammability point : (ISO 2592) < 21°C/68°F
  • Evaporation rate (NFT 30301) (n-Butyl acetate=1) : 0.7
  • Halogenated hydrocarbon content : none