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Do you know all the possible ways to reduce your VOC emissions ?

Published on 29 June 2012

Discover SOCOMORE’s wide range of solutions to help our customers to reduce, at the source, their VOC emissions (Volatile organic compounds) and improve the security of their operators, taking into account the process or productivity constraints.

Since the VOC (definition of the European Community) emissions have a direct or indirect impact on environment and health, the European Union has adopted several directives aimed at reducing the VOCs in relevant sectors. National or local authorities may also impose restrictive measures for production or maintenance sites.  

The expertise of our teams as well as a specific technological and regulatory monitoring on HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) enable SOCOMORE to help its customers, taking into account their regulatory constraints, their needs (type of application and soils, material compatibility, approvals....) and the limitations  imposed by their processes (cycle duration, equipment, etc.).

Depending on the product already used (MEK, solvent, degreaser...), we can work on 3 different factors such as the product's volatility, the VOC rate contained in the product or the application process, in order to further reduce the level of VOC emissions (to know if a product is a VOC product, ask your supplier or refer to the security data sheets). Thus the choice of a solvent, even 100% VOC but less volatile than the product used, allows you to reduce loss by evaporation and significantly decreases the quantity required and so VOC emissions during application. Or using a solvent low VOCs or no VOCs contributes to the reduction or elimination of your emissions, whatever the method of application: immersion, spraying, wiping. SOCOMORE also offers a range of wipes which are presaturated with solvents, aqueous solutions or raw materials that reduce the consumption of products by optimizing the amount used.

For more information, see our brochure * or contact a sales representative who will help in  choosing the right solution for you:

  • For what application would you use the product you are looking for: preparation before painting, before bonding, before mastic, other?
  • What pre-requisites in terms of compatibility materials?
  • What kind of dirt should be removed?
  • Do you have constraints in drying time? Constraints of cycle time?
  • What is the step to take before applying the product? What is the next step? 
  • Do you treat pieces of big sizes?
  • Is the treatment hot?
  • What method of application are you looking for: spraying, immersion, brushing, wiping?
  • What are the limitations of your process?
  • Does use of the product require an approval?
  • What are your HSE requirements? What level of VOC emissions are you targeting?
  • ...

* This brochure is based on our expertise in European regulations. It can also be used outside of Europe if you are concerned by HSE (Health Safety Environment) constraints similar to Europeans.

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