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Technical wipes

SOCOMORE has invested since 10 years in the textile branch which enables the company to choose, qualify and promote the most adapted textiles to our customers' requests.

We have a full control of the conversion of the textile and the presaturation with an integrated manufacturing process by SOCOMORE

Our knowledge in textile is reinforce by our historical know how in chemical product formulations.

We launched specific pairs of innovative and performing textile/presaturated products  adapted to customers' expectations.

SOCOMORE proposes also  a range of tack cloth  and druy technical wipes.

All these wsipes are necessary for the quality of cleaning before critical operations.


Our products Preparation and surface treatment Technical wipes (26)

DuPont™ Sontara® Aerospace Grade Wipes (Style K802) main characteristics Exceptionally clean Contains...
High pressure hydro entangling Resistant to abrasion and to solvent action Free from bonding material,...