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Introducing SOCOSAT 15233: the latest addition to our pre-saturated wipe range

Published on 18 July 2016

We are pleased to announce that yet another addition to our wipe range, SOCOSAT 15233, is now available.

SOCOSAT 15233 is a low linting cloth with a high absorption capacity and resistance to tearing and abrasion. It is ideal for use in general degreasing, and surface cleaning/ preparation applications prior to painting and bonding on surfaces which are mildly abrasive, rough or smooth, with catcher zones (riveted areas) or sharp angles.

SOCOSAT 15233 pre-saturated wipes are suitable for a variety of uses, with applications ranging from surface cleaning and preparation in the Aerospace industry, to power and telecom cable cleaning in the Energy industry.

A wide range of solvent and water-based pre-saturation solutions to suit every cleaning need are available, including SOCOCLEAN AQUAFORTE, DIESTONE A8284, DIESTONE SR, DIESTONE SRM, PF SOLVENT and DGEL. Other solutions are also available, depending on the application.


SOCOSAT 15233 are available in buckets (wipe size 17x38cm and 30x52cm) and flatpacks (wipe size 17x38cm). The cloth conforms to AMS 3819C (Grade A) and AIRBUS UK Gold Standard Cloth Test.


The pre-saturated wipe system provides economical, environmental and safety advantages for users when compared to the traditional but manual method of dosing cloths with loose liquids.


If you require any further information on SOCOSAT 15233 pre-saturated wipes, or any other products in our pre-saturated wipe or surface cleaning range, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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