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Join us in the MRO Americas 2012, in Dallas (Texas), from 3rd to 5th April 2012.

Published on 28 March 2012

MagChem, Dysol, Socomore and Contec, all members of Aerochemicals*, will be participating in the MRO Americas in Dallas (Texas) from 3 to 5 April 2012, stand #3121.

MagChem and Dysol develop and manufacture high performance chemicals focused on OEM / MRO for commercial and military aircraft engines and fuselages. Socomore creates, manufactures and commercialises expert solutions for preparation and protection for metallic or composite materials through a wide product range. MagChem, Dysol and Socomore have pooled sales forces, manufacturing and R&D skills.

They offer products dedicated to manufacturing and overhauling aerospace engines such:

- HDL 73 - Is a blend of neutralized complex organic acids, for removing deposits of complex metallic oxides and calamine formed on the heated surfaces of jet engine components.

- HDL-202 - Is a liquid alkaline used for removing rust, oxidation, heavy carbon deposits and aluminum paint from steel jet turbine and reciprocating engine components. It is fully approved by all the jet turbine OEMs.

- AP-988 - Is a liquid acid descaler typically used in the overhaul process for steel parts of jet turbine engines. It is fully approved by all the jet turbine OEMs.

- HDL-2524 - Is a two component liquid permanganate solution (a caustic and a permanganate component) for steel parts, used in the overhaul process of jet turbine engines. It is fully approved by all the jet turbine OEMs.

- AP-954 - Is a phosphoric acid used in the overhaul process for steel parts of jet turbine engines. It is fully approved by all the jet turbine OEMs.

- D-SOLV - Is a petroleum based plating wax remover used in an immersion process. It typically replaces TCE (Trichloroethylene) for steel parts, Xylene for titanium parts in vapor phase and more expensive solvent based immersion products. It is fully approved by all the jet turbine OEMs and multi-metal compatible.

- SOLUWAX - Is an alkaline soap used in an immersion process. It has designed as a last cleaning stage after the D-Solv to remove any thin paraffinic layer remaining and also as a general degreaser. It's strength is in emulsifying oils and grease in order to avoid re-deposition when removing parts from the tank. It is approved by all the jet turbine OEMs for both the de-waxing process after plating and as a general immersion degreaser. 

- DS 108 - Is a solvent for the cleaning and degreasing of metal and composite surfaces before painting, bonding, and the application of sealants.

- Diestone DLS - Is a multi-purpose cleaning solvent for painting and paint stripping shops, construction and assembly.

- Satwipes - Is an unwoven / saturated wipe for the preparation of surfaces before bonding and painting and the removal of excess sealant squeeze-out.

All these products have been approved by many worldwide civil and military aerospace manufacturers, including in the U.S.A and Canada such companies as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Bombardier, De Havilland, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls-Royce, GE, CFM, Snecma, Turbomeca, Air Canada, Bell Helicopter, among others.

As Contec is a long time partner of MagChem, Dysol and Socomore, through the Aerochemicals* Alliance, it will share the booth on MRO exhibition. Contec is leader in the development of solvent application technologies such as prestaurated wipes - to reduce solvent utilization and improving surface preparation.

Find the complete ranges of solvents and degreasers, oxide treatments on:,,,, 

*Aerochemicals is a dynamic alliance of international specialists in aerospace industry.

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