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> Hot Immersion Remover of Organic Coatings

Kemstrip-596 is a liquid stripper formulated to remove a wide variety of coatings such as phenolic acrylic and nitrocellulose lacquers, polyurethanes, and epoxies. These are the types of finishes commonly used on aircraft surfaces and engine components, such as impeller blades, transfer cases, diffuser cases, wheels and landing gear. Kemstrip-596 can be used as a heavy-duty decarbonizer.

  • Long tank life.
  • Floating seal retards evaporation.
  • Water rinseable.
  • Removes a wide variety of finishes.
  • Can remove carbonaceous deposits.
  • Safe on magnesium and aluminium alloys.
  • Does not contain halogens, phenols, aromatic solvents, chromates or heavy metals.
Technical Data Sheet
  • ROLLS ROYCE : oMat 1/226K
  • GE : CO4-185
  • CFM : CP-2563
  • IAE/V2500 : CoMat 01-120J
  • HONEYWELL : C04-0063 (TPE, TFE & APU engines), C04-185 (AS900 engines)
  • BOEING : BAC 5725 (conform)
  • SAE : ARP-1755b category 7 & 9 (conform)
  • USA Department of Defense : MIL-R-83936B

Kemstrip-596 is used as received.  Normal operating temperatures are 80 to 110°C (176 to 230°F).  Entire contents of drum should be transferred into the tank at one time to insure proper seal displacement.  Parts should always be precleaned and dry before immersion in Kemstrip-596, otherwise attack on sensitive alloys may occur.  Maintain approximately 15 cm (6 in) oil seal on the surface.  Recommended oil is OIS-96. 


After proper analysis, corrections can be made to the product with the following additives:

  • Alkalinity:    A-96
  • Solvency:    S-96


Do not introduce water in Kemstrip-596 as it may cause corrosion or discoloration of some metal parts.After stripping in Kemstrip-596, rinse with high-pressure water.  Ferrous metals should be coated with a rust preventive film to prevent rusting of stripped parts.Components should be totally immersed. Parts should never protrude through the interface.  In extremely difficult stripping operations, the temperature may be raised to 115°C (240°F).

  • Appearance : two-phase liquid
  • Flash point (open cup) : with seal : 149°C (300°F)
  • Specific gravity : 1.02
  • Freeze-thaw stability : stable

Should you need any further information on this product
please see our North American website :

Should you need any further information on this product
please see our North American website :