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SOCOMORE's formulated solvents are part of our historical range, and we have acquired a great deal of expertise and recognition in this area.

Our formulated solvents were designed for critical degreasing and surface preparation operations on all materials.

They have obtained approvals from numerous manufacturers. Our solvent formulations take changes in HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) regulations into account.

Our products Surface treatment & preparation Solvent (48)

Cleaning solvent for hydrocarbon soils removing
DS-108F is our solvent blend DS-108, with a pleasant lemon-lime fragrance added. DS-108F is a solvent...
Paint systems cleaner and dilutant
DS-111 Paint Systems Cleaner and Dilutant – a water dilutable solvents blend especially developed...
High flashpoint precision cleaning solvent
DS-144 Solvent – a high flashpoint, precision cleaning solvent especially good at removing hydrocarbon...
Solvent blend
DS-3101 is an aggressive, environmentally compliant solvent blend primarily used in cleaning metal...
General degreaser for hydrocarbon soils removing
DS-800 Solvent – a cost effective general degreasing solvent especially good at removing hydrocarbon...
Paint Spray Gun Cleaner
DS-801 is a low cost, environmentally compliant solvent developed for cleaning paint spray guns and...