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Our products  Aerospace

Since 38 years, SOCOMORE has supplied his know-how to the aerospace industry:

  • Manufacturers (OEM)
  • Aircraft engine manufacturers
  • Metallic or composite parts manufacturers
  • Subcontractors  and maintenance actors (MRO) for fuselage, engine, equipment
  • Airlines to maintain and repair their fleets

Our products Aerospace (143)

Cleaning solvent for removing hydrocarbon & silicone soils
DS-104 Solvent – a precision cleaning solvent especially good at removing hydrocarbon soils.  DS-104...
Cleaning solvent for critical surface preparation
DS-108 is a solvent for precision cleaning in the aerospace industry.  DS-108 is a very effective...
Cleaning solvent for hydrocarbon soils removing
DS-108F is our solvent blend DS-108, with a pleasant lemon-lime fragrance added. DS-108F is a solvent...
Paint systems cleaner and dilutant
DS-111 Paint Systems Cleaner and Dilutant – a water dilutable solvents blend especially developed...
High flashpoint precision cleaning solvent
DS-144 Solvent – a high flashpoint, precision cleaning solvent especially good at removing hydrocarbon...
Solvent blend
DS-3101 is an aggressive, environmentally compliant solvent blend primarily used in cleaning metal...