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Our approved products in 2011

Published on 06 April 2012

Among the approved products sold by Socomore or MagChem in 2011, please find the most significant for you ; suppliers or aerospace sub-contractors who are working according to these approvals.

Solvent range:   Diestone DLS has been approved by EMBRAER, EUROCOPTER (La Courneuve), ALENIA AERONAUTICA , PILATUS, GULFSTREAM, CAAC (General Administration of Chinese Civilian Aviation), for the general cleaning, cleaning prior painting, bonding, sealant or sealant excess removal.....
Diestone HFP has been approved by DE HAVILLAND for the same type of operations
Hyso 99 and Diestone A8290 have been approved by EUROCOPTER La Courneuve for different types of cleaning and degreasing.
Diestone A8284, non VOC solvent, has been approved by Airbus Group for aircraft exterior surface preparation before painting. This solution meets Airbus requirements which aims to reduce  VOCs emissions by 50 % for 2015. Diestone A8284 could be also qualified for other applications (i.e. general cleaning of paint or non painted metallic parts).

Thickened paint strippers rangeSocostrip A0103N - benzyl alcohol based  paint stripper with peroxide activator, has been approved by the CAAC, Eurocopter (Marignane) and DGA  (French Army). It is a replacement of dichloromethane based painting strippers. It has been also approved by Airbus on metallic surfaces of fuselage and aircraft wings with no restriction. Socostrip A0212  - benzyl alcohol based paint stripper with acid activation has also been approved by Eurocopter (Marignane).

Liquid stripper range: Comorcap T4551 has been qualified by EUROCOPTER (Marignane).

Acqueous cleaners: GROUPE SAFRAN has approved  the Sococlean A3431 as degreaser to be used in immersion. Synclair A/C has been approved by the CAAC, Eurocopter (Marignane) for the exterior cleaning.

Surface oxyde treatment: Socosurf A1858 - Socosurf A1806  has been approved by Airbus U.K. as a acidic deoxidiser free of chromates and fluorides for aluminium alloys surface preparation before various treatments.

Corrosion inhibitor compound: Socopac 65H - water displacing products to prevent surfaces from corrosion,  has been approved by the DGA (French Army) for aerospace applications.

Sol-gel: DASSAULT AVIATION has approved the Socogel B0202 for treatments of parts in aluminium alloys that are repaired before painting.
We would like to thank our customers for their  trust and the quality of their partnerships as well as our teams who are with them everyday in their approval and qualification processes.

Should you need further information, please do not hesitate to contacts us.

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