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Oxide treatment

SOCOMORE has developed a specialized range to treat oxides on various metals. The range is designed for etching, descaling, deoxidizing and conditioning operations, and suits all methods of application: spray, immersion (with or without ultrasonic sound), brush, bath, etc. Some of the products in this range were developed in partnership with MAGCHEM, a specialist in aircraft engines.


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Rust and scale remover
HDL-202 is a heavy-duty liquid alkaline, rust and scale remover.  It is especially formulated for use...
A Two-Part Liquid Alkaline Permanganate Product Scale Oxidizer, Hot Section, Jet Engine Parts
HDL 2524 is used as part of a multi-stage process to assist in the removal of oxides and complex metallic...
HDL 73W is a neutral deoxidizer which sequesters the metal particles (oxides, ions,...) not chemically...
Concentrated degreasing compound operating at the same time an amorphous phosphatation on ferrous metals....