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Service and quality

Our development and improvements orientations aim to satisfying always more our customers'needs. We want to bring always more:

Technical support thanks to a dedicated team

 Our commitment goes way beyond the technical performance of our products. We give complete personalised service, with advice both before and after sales and a hotline to answer any questions. We can also provide a number of services on request, for example: adapt our solutions to fit a particular need; train operators to apply our products; assist our customers in rolling out our products across their organisation.
 SOCOMORE can help thanks to our experience to complete customers'  specifications and co-develop products.

Service et quality

Our "quality safety environment policy" is based on 3 points :

  • To listen: Thanks to a strong presence on customer sites, our scientific, technical and sales teams have an in-depth knowledge of technologies used by our customers, of their working methods, the complexity of their processes and constraints.  Our customer service is always collecting the needs and industrial constraints of our customers to provide our plants  with the best knowledge of these needs. Visits and audits of our facilities made by our customers, our partners and our suppliers allow us to improve continuously.
  • To control: Our solutions are tested and validated by external accredited and independent laboratories. In all of our plants, the principle of “right first time” is our first priority. It is the basis for quality product deliveries with controlled deadlines, guaranteed checking and traceability, with controlled costs. Performance is continuously being measured to guide our progress plans towards results and check efficiency. Our supply chain is transversally organized to optimize the flow management Suppliers-Factories-Customers by continent.
  • To protect: Our solutions are developed and our operations are conducted to reduce the VOC emissions and improve the security of our operators and our customers.
  • To improve: We undertake continuous actions to improve our practices, increase the satisfaction of our customers, employees and all stakeholders in the items of quality, hygien, safety and environment.

Our solutions meet our customer quality requirements that are particularly high, due to the needed security for people traveling in their aircrafts.

Our quality policy enables us to obtain the following certifications ISO 9001:V2000, EN/AS/ISO 9100 and ISO 14001.