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Emulsifying composition for the degreasing of all metals, all materials, painted surfaces, without risk of attack or corrosion.

  • SOCOCLEAN T2441P has interesting detergent and wetting characteristics ; it can be used either by dipping or by spraying at ambient temperature or 40° C to 50° C.
  • SOCOCLEAN T2441P is a very safe product, free from solvent and nitrite. It is inert on all metallic surfaces, aluminium, titanium, steels and on all plastic materials, plexiglass, polycarbonates, compo-sites, polyesters or epoxies, glasses.
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Multi-purpose degreasing and cleaning agent intended for construction and maintenance industries, shipbuilding, railways, aeronautical and road industries.
  • SNCF (French Railways) : Symboles 02100201, 02100202
  • SNCB : Certificate-Register-No: Q0404
  • By spraying or manual application, dilution from 3 to 20 %. depending on available equipment (machine with brushes or manually).
  •  Soft alkaline product free from aggressive components: the moderate pH (11.4 pure), the biodegradability of surfactants and the total lack of solvent make disposal easier.
  • Appearance : concentrated liquid
  • Specific gravity : (at 20°C) 1.05
  • pH : (at 10%) 10.3
  • Flash point : none
  • Biodegradability : in accordance with legislation
  • Free of : soda, potash, phosphates, NTA and EDTA