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SOCOGEL A0203 BLUE is an aqueous solution of zirconium salts, activated by an organo-silicon compound. After application, the solution forms a high performance sol-gel hybrid coating, which enhances the adhesion of paint systems on metals and alloys such as aluminium, titanium, stainless steel.

SOCOGEL A0203 BLUE main characteristics :

  • is a patented technology
  • enhances painting adhesion and durability of most of the current paint systems
  • is designed to solve the rivet rash issue
  • is a chromium free conversion product - an interesting alternative to highly harmful chromate conversion technologies
  • is a potential process cost saving  as no rinsing is required after application (no rinsing process, neither effluent treatment)
  • is blue to visualise the product when applied.
Documents to download :
  • Technical Data Sheet

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SOCOGEL A0203 BLUE  increases adhesion of  primers and epoxy based paints on metallic surfaces . These coatings could be water or solvent-based, high solids content primers or paints, chromated or non-chromated paint system. 
SOCOGEL A0203 BLUE is specially adapted to reactivate basic primer before applying the epoxy primer and to enhance paint system adhesion. It is compatible with composite materials.
It is designed for both OEM and MRO during airframe maintenance operations.

  • AIRBUS : AIMS 04-04-053 / IPS 04-04-053-01 / AIPI 05-02-018


  • Two-component product : one part C and one part EC
  • Dispense Part C into part EC.
  • Depending on the kit size, mix or shake thoroughly for a minimum of 30 seconds. For kits exceeding 1 litre, use a clean mixer. For 30L drums, Kremlin Cyclix mixer is recommended.
  • Allow the solution to induct for a minimum of 30 minutes. Remix prior to application.

WARNING! the two parts must be free of precipitates. If not, the material must be rejected. The original packaging must be perfectly closed. SOCOGEL A0203 BLUE is a two-component product with a limited shelf life. These are single-use kits.


WARNING! High-strength steel parts should be masked to prevent any contact with SOCOGEL A0203 BLUE during application.

SOCOGEL A0203 BLUE must be applied on a basic primer surface that has been degreased and mechanically or manually abraded according to the standard procedure. A water break-free surface must be obtained.  Use DIESTONE DLS or DIESTONE A8284 for a final degreasing operation.                             

Note: for DIESTONE A8284, wipe-on /wipe-off operations have to be done.


SOCOGEL A0203 BLUE can be applied by spraying, brushing, dipping or wiping.

Note : Apply SOCOGEL A0203 BLUE within 24 hours of deoxidising. Protect coated surface from contamination if the primer or paint is not applied straight after the SOCOGEL treatment.

By spraying: Spray the product onto the surface until it is completely wet but without flowing using

- Kremlin Pump 40.130 Inox Airmix® or

- Kremlin Pump 20.50 Inox Airmix® when spraid from a platform

- with Airmix® inox spray gun in both cases 

Remove excess solution by wiping where it becomes trapped such as along drip edges.

By wiping: use only SOCOSAT PPA60 (29x42 cm) wipes. Take one new pouch of wipes and pour 1L of mixed SOCOGEL A0203 BLUE into it. Be sure that all wipes are homogeneously saturated before applying.

If wettability troubles occur, this reveals bad surface preparation. 

For any application, allow to dry for about 1 hour before applying the primer/paint system

  • Appearance : blue after mixing
  • Induction time : 30 minutes
  • Pot life of the product after induction : 12 hours after mixing
  • Covering power : 30 m²/litre
  • Freezing point : -21°C/-6°F

Should you need any further information on this product
please see our North American website :

Should you need any further information on this product
please see our North American website :