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SOCOMASK PRT2130 is a hand-peelable protective coating developed to protect surfaces during chemical milling.

This product has been especially formulated to provide the following properties and performance:

  • High solids content in order to reduce solvents emission and make the application of thick layers easier with conventional spraying systems (airless, pneumatic) or by dipping.
  • Exceptional chemical resistance which offers a solution to most of the chemical protection problems : alkaline machining bath from 60 to 110° C (140 to 230° F), chromic-sulphuric mixture bath, hydrofluoric acid bath, detergent solution..., even with only 150 to 200 microns dry thickness       
  • Resistance to shocks during forming and degreasing processes as well as storage, transport and various handling operations.
  • Protection of partss against corrosion and splashes of acid or alkaline chemicals.
  • Resistance to temperature and very easy peeling, even after all chemical processes, exposure to bad weather and corrosive atmospheres.
  • SOCOMASK PRT2130 when applied in sufficient thickness is easy to peel off, even after machining cycles.

Not available in North America

Technical Data Sheet

The product can be applied with an airless or pneumatic spray gun, hot or cold, by automation or by hand, under normal industrial climatic conditions (temperature 10 to 30° C / 50 to 86° F, 20 to 90 % relative humidity), or by immersion.

After a long storage, the product must be stirred, it is most important to avoid the incorporation of air. Check the homogeneity before use.

Parts to be covered must be perfectly clean ; if necessary use DIESTONE cleaners.

Spray in conditions without air turbulence or extreme heating.


  • Equipment: GRACO, KREMLIN or NORDSON
  • Temperature: 60 to 80° C (140 to 176° F) in the heater
  • Pressure of the pump: 160 to 200 bars
  • Application distance: from about 300 to 700 mm
  • Number of layers: 2 or 3 according to the required thickness.
  • Drying time between 2 coatings: 15 minutes min.
  • The first coating must be thin: 100 microns max.




Same general application conditions as for hot spraying, except for temperature and drying time (minimum drying time between layers: 15 minutes). 



According to the required thickness, increase the number of immersions (100 microns after a 15 seconds dipping). Minimum drying time between layers: 1 hour minimum.

  • Solid content (weight) : 30%
  • Specific gravity : (at 20°C/68°F) 0.96
  • Consistency AFNOR cup N°6 : 98 seconds (for information only)
  • Brookfield viscosity LV3 12t : approximately 1100 cps (for information only)
  • Colour : green
  • Flash point : < 21°C / 69°F
  • Storage temperature : -5° to +35°C (+23 to +95° F)
  • Film thickness : 200 µ
  • Film appearance : green, elastic, cohesive
  • Film inital elongation at rupture : approximately 340%
  • Initial rupture power of the film : approximately 80 kg/cm²
  • Film peel strength on aluminium : 0.1 à 0.3 kg/cm depending on parts

Should you need any further information on this product
please see our North American website :

Should you need any further information on this product
please see our North American website :