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SOCOMORE LAUNCHES SOCOSTRIP A4512, a new acidic liquid paint stripper

Published on 16 December 2016

SOCOSTRIP A4512 is an acidic paint stripper that effectively strips, by immersion, a wide variety of paint types from elementary parts. It can be used at room temperature.

It can be used for stripping:

  • water-based and solvent-based paints, chromated or unchromated
  • glycerophtalic paints
  • alkyd urethane paints
  • polyurethane paints
  • epoxy paints.

SOCOSTRIP A4512 is a ready-to-use product. It is made of an active layer and an anti-evaporation oily protection layer that can be readjusted to maintain bath performances over time.


This new paint stripper is particularly suitable for water-based paints, which are more difficult to strip than solvent-based paints. It has been launched to complete our range of paint strippers, suitable for use by immersion.


SOCOSTRIP A4512 is particularly adapted for the bath stripping of elementary parts that need paint touch up and subject to other entire surface treatment process. It is an interesting product for aircraft manufacturers and their sub-contractors, but also for companies that deal with aluminium, steel or titanium surface treatment when looking for an efficient product on solvented and/or hydrodisolvable paints.


For more information, please read the technical datasheet, or contact a sales representative.


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