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Published on 31 March 2016 will be redirected to from 18th April 2016.

Since 2010, Socomore has been expanding internationally, specifically in North America, thanks to the strategic acquisition of well-established North American companies with which synergies were found – MagChem (operating since 1946), Dysol (operating since 1992), and Dynamold (operating since 1984).


Socomore acquired MagChem in 2011, having gained equity acquisition of Dysol and Dynamold the previous year in 2010, followed by company acquisition in 2013, with the merger of Dysol and Dynamold being announced in January, 2015.


Together, the MagChem, Dysol and Dynamold brands now constitute the Socomore Group in North America which develops, manufactures and sells speciality chemicals across the world, primarily for the Aerospace market.


Until now, North America has operated under a corresponding but separate website from the rest of the Group, but from 18th April 2016, will be redirected to the Socomore Group website,, which will become the global website for Socomore.


Product information and documentation such as TDS, company news and contact information etc. will now be found on, but please be assured that our customers in North America will still be serviced by the same sales teams, technical teams and sites in Montreal, CA and Fort Worth, TX as Socomore believes that local customers are best served by local forces through resident R&D, technical support, supply chain, sales teams, manufacturing and distribution platforms.


In April 2015, Socomore appointed a new Vice President for North America, Andrew Leech, who reports directly to the CEO and has full oversight and responsibility for the strategic growth and operations of Socomore’s North American business, and we also recently announced plans to invest in a new and more modern plant in Fort Worth.


Please do not hesitate to contact us at any stage, if you have any queries or concerns. You can contact the North American offices, details are unchanged and listed below, or alternatively please get in touch with your local representative. Your contact person(s) shall remain the same, unless otherwise advised.


USA- Fort Worth                                                       Canada - Montreal

Tel: +1 (817) 335-1826                                               Tel: +1 (450) 641-8500                        


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