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SOCOMORE’s SOL-GEL products approved by AIRBUS and BOEING

Published on 29 May 2012

SOCOGEL A0203 BLUE, the latest addition product to the Socomore’s range, has just been approved by Airbus for the preparation prior to painting, to enhance the adhesion of the exterior paint for the planes.

In the context of the elimination of the hexavalent chromium which is still used in the surface preparation products and paint for plane fuselage, the aeronautic sector has shown interest in the sol-gel technologies. With sol-gels which have been tested and approved by different key aeronautic manufacturers for the preparation prior to painting or bonding, Socomore can now assist all its customers in their HSE approach (Health-Safety-Environment)

The Socomore's sol-gels

The SOCOGEL products manufactured and commercialised by Socomore are metallic aqueous alkoxide solutions that form a polymerised network, by means of a double hydrolysis and condensation reaction. They form a coating that strongly adheres to metals such as aluminium, titanium and stainless steels, thanks to the creation of networks between the coating and the substrate. This network, allowing a more effective adhesion in bonding or painting systems, means that protection and durability can be improved. The sol-gels can also be formulated with intrinsic properties dedicated for the protection against corrosion.  

The Socomore's sol-gel range may, according to the product :

  • Improve significantly the paint systems adhesion on aluminium, titanium, epoxy primers.....
  • Solve the problem of paint adhesion on rivets (rivet rash phenomenon)
  • Contribute to the elimination of chromate exposure for the operators by replacing the chromate chemical conversions
  • Eliminate the rinsing operation and hence the chromate effluents contained in the rinsing water
  • Be applied (out of the bath) by spraying, at room temperature
  • Reduce the frequency of the maintenance operations thanks to a better durability of the paint systems
  • Be compatible with the composite materials.

The adhesion promotor SOCOGEL A0203 BLUE for Airbus

The new SOCOGEL A0203 BLUE has now been approved by Airbus for the fuselage exterior preparation prior to painting. It is specifically formulated for the application on both metallic substrate and/or on basic primers used by this manufacturer. The SOCOGEL A0203 BLUE makes it possible for the primer to be reactivated to increase the paint adhesion.  It meets highly specialised specifications that associate performance and material compatibility of all types. It can be applied on the fuselages and wings of the different Airbus programs, beginning by the A380, to increase the paint adhesion and therefore improve the durability of the paint systems.

A sol-gel range for the aerospace, railway, automotive markets ....

Thanks to its fill sol-gel range, Socomore is now able to solve the paint and bonding adhesion problems encountered by the aerospace manufacturers and their sub-contractors during manufacturing and maintenance. In fact, Socomore is already approved all over the world for the production and the commercialization of Sol-gels for Boeing  and its sub-contractors, on the basis of a Boegel technology developed by Boeing.   

Socomore's sol-gels are already used by different aerospace  manufacturers and their sub-contractors during the manufacture of elementary parts and the maintenance of  the assembled plane fuselages. They are also subject to testing campaigns in several manufacturers' such as the railway and automotive industries to be qualified and used in painting or bonding processes, in addition to other Socomore product ranges for the surface preparation prior to sol-gel.

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