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Socomore Ventures

Socomore Ventures

Created at the beginning of 2015, Socomore Ventures is an investment fund dedicated to supporting start-ups and technologies relevant to the Socomore Group. The fund complements Socomore's "open innovation" approach, and the R & D activities that play an important role in our strategy. 


Our investments focus on chemical and new material technologies with existing or potential applications in our key markets: aerospace, transportation and energy.

Investment Strategy

We target early-stage and seed investments that include a minority interest, as well as venture capital and angel investment funds.

Investment conditions

  • Committed and highly ambitious team that is ready to collaborate with the Socomore Group
  • Technology related to specialty chemicals or new materials
  • Proprietary technology that has achieved proof of concept or first commercial sales
  • Existing or potential applications in aerospace, transportation or energy
  • Potential for Socomore to add value beyond the capital investment
  • Clear growth strategy and identified needs/requirements


Socomore Added Value

Socomore Ventures not only offers financing. We also support our investments through access to our industrial, commercial and technological resources and networks around the world.

For example, Socomore can provide added value through access to:

  • Laboratories and an R&D network
  • Know-how in industrialization and growth
  • A global marketing and distribution network
  • Intellectual property and patent experts
  • Key global aerospace customers

Companies in our portfolio


Breizh Funding, the crowfunding news in Britanny and the project leader for Gwenneg, a "Breton" crowdfunding platform.

Electro Propulsion is the brand of Hy-Generation electric thrusters. These marine thrusters change their morphology to gain performance and autonomy.

Since 2010, OLNICA supports its customers in securing their products and materials. Thanks to its team of experts, OLNICA supports companies in defining and setting up tracers to guarantee the authenticity of their products.


We look forward to hearing about your project. Please send your inquiries or project presentation to

For projects, please make sure to include a description of the technology, and a business plan with a summary and description of required resources and their intended use.