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Paint remover in acid medium intended for all paints, especially adapted to epoxy, polyurethane and alkydurethane, non corrosive on most metallic surfaces (steels, aluminium alloys, titanium, etc...) except magnesium, high strength steel and cadmium plated steel (according to BAC 5804).

  • Owing to its formulation, SOCOSTRIP A0212 reduces the safety and environmental risks and drawbacks usually linked to removers containing dichloromethane, phenols and chromates.   
  • The viscosity is adjusted in order to facilitate the application by hand or by means of "airless" apparatus and to effectively cover all surfaces, even if vertical or overhanging.
Technical Data Sheet
  • AIRBUS : CML 12-014 C, Maintenance Application Code 09CBB1 / SAE MA 4872 (EADS CCR 2006-66340-1-DCR/SP)
  • ATR : MAT 12-012
  • BOEING : tested in accordance with Boeing D6-17487
  • SNCF (French Railways) : Symbol 0 210 0244 (20 litres)
  • SNECMA : DMR 70-129
  • SOCOSTRIP A0212 is usually applied manually, by brushing or by spraying under low pressure.
  • A slight separation of the product may occur during storage, but this does not affect its properties.
  • The surfaces to be treated must be clean and dry. It is important to eliminate all soils and greases from the painted surfaces before removal; use suitable cleaners to do so such as SYNCLAIR or DIESTONE.
  • Materials such as rubbers or plastics are attacked; therefore they must be protected if they are not to be removed.
  • Application time: 1 to 24 hours depending on the temperature and type of paint; re-apply product if the removal time exceeds 6 hours.
  • After paint removal, rinse either by water spraying or by means of cleaning diluents DIESTONE or DN 108. In case of rinsing by water spraying, we strongly advise to operate a second rinsing for neutralization (aqueous solution of SYNCLAIR A/C - concentration 2 to 3 %).
  • Contact with austenitic stainless steel is authorised (pumps).
  • Temperature is an important factor. It is advised to bring the product and surface to ambient temperature; the optimum temperature for use is between 25 and 35° C (77° and 95°F).
  • Appearance : thixotropic gel
  • Colour : blue/turquoise
  • Specific gravity : (at 20°C) 1.0
  • Flash point : 85°C (185°F)

Should you need any further information on this product
please see our North American website :

Should you need any further information on this product
please see our North American website :