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Toxic chromates now replaced in new aircraft exterior systems

Published on 16 May 2013

Aircraft Painting gets more environmental and health friendly and is approved according to the AMS 3095A specification for Refurbishment of mostly all commercial aircraft.


Chrome used in paints, surface preparations and treatments help paint to adhere to the aircraft and, most importantly, prevents corrosion. For decades no chrome free system was able to achieve comparable results in this important security matter. Now, a chrome free paint pre-treatment developed by French company SOCOMORE along with the BaseCoat/ClearCoat system of coatings manufacturer MANKIEWICZ fulfils all requirements of the AMS 3095A.

Chrome performed perfectly for corrosion protection over decades but future requirements e.g. by REACH in regards to health and environment made it necessary to think one step ahead. Socomore spent years of developmental and testing work on this issue and finally got the results from an independent test lab proving that the system fulfils all requirements of the AMS 3095A. This specification is accepted by almost all OEMs for refurbishment of their commercial aircraft. This means that the toxic properties and health hazards released during the application and removal process can now be fully avoided while offering equivalent corrosion protection properties at the same time. This also means that wash primer or chromated primer should see their life expectancy shortened. One chrome free paint system can now satisfy most of the customer needs.

The AMS 3095A has been successfully passed with two SOCOMORE products based on sol-gel technology in conjunction with the Basecoat/Clearcoat system of German coatings specialist Mankiewicz: SOCOGEL B0202 which is already Boeing and Dassault approved and SOCOGEL A0203 BLUE which is Airbus approved in all their civil aircraft programs (see press release May 2012). Sol-gel is a chrome free surface preparation applied before the paint system. They promote paint adhesion. They also do not require water to be applied ie no water waste to retreat. SOCOMORE has also specifically developed a Chrome- and Fluor free deoxidiser to be applied before SOCOGEL: SOCOSURF A1855. It not only clearly strengthens the anticorrosion performances of the whole paint system but also is more user-friendly.

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