Our mission

To provide chemical specialties, from consumables to flyable products, mainly for the aerospace market.

Our strategy Our strategy

Our company continues to be successful and is developing with an incredible energy. Over the coming years we will expand our product range and pursue an ambitious international growth plan, based on a combination of both organic growth and new acquisitions. We are also a sharing company. It is through sharing that our company creates value and contributes to meeting the societal challenges of our century. This is the SOCOWAY.

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To guide this strategy, we will rely on five pillars:

Our corporate values

Worldwide proximity

Socomore is developing globally, and is equipped with the tools - factories and global supply chain - to accomplish this goal. However, our teams are local, connected and close to our customers (same language and culture, listening to them, understanding their technical needs).

Humbly enthusiastic

We are enthusiastic, willing, and know how to remain humble in all circumstances. This encourages the trust and respect of our customers and partners, and contributes to our collective successes.


We know how to be pro-active, and are constantly adapting to the fluctuating constraints of our environment. Change is "normal", and we must be able to anticipate and address it.

Customer focused innovation

Our development depends on being innovative at all levels (product, social, financial, technical, organizational and managerial). Innovation must come from listening to the needs of our customers, and it must be able to generate a real benefit for all of us.

Our activities and products
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Our ambition

Our ambition is to develop and manufacture innovative customer-valued solutions, and to have a worldwide presence reliant on a network of local organizations, fueled by our collective energy.



For many years now, SOCOMORE has aimed to be a positive actor in society, especially for its employees, its community and the planet. At the occasion of the development of the 2019-2024 strategic plan, we decided  to formalize our historic societal commitment with the SOCOWAY, Socomore's CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy. This new policy places sharing at the heart of its action: it is by sharing with those around us that we will create value for all. The SOCOWAY is anchored in 3 areas (economic, environmental and societal) and oriented around 6 sharing commitments:  



Our laboratories and the in-depth scientific expertise of our researchers in material physics, mineral chemistry, organic chemistry and electrochemistry are the cornerstones of our product development strategy.

  • DEVELOP our product range and customer diversity through the development of more flyable products and new acquisitions.
  • REINFORCE our reliability and sustainability to derisk customers.
  • IMPROVE the environmental impact of our process and solutions. We are chemists and responsible.
  • MAKE SOCOMORE a source of development for our employees/talents.





  1. Build partnerships with all stakeholders,
  2. Share the added value created by the company,
  3. Improve the environmental impact of our products, processes, and activities,
  4. Develop our collaborative work places, work methods, and work tools,
  5. Take action for quality of life at work,
  6. Promote the involvement of our employees in local community projects.

Download the SOCOWAY charter

We also signed the Responsible Care Charter (French) of the International Council of Chemical Associations




We offer our customers solutions whose environmental performance takes into account all regulatory developments in Health and Safety (HSE), including the European REACH regulation on the use of chemicals, and directives related to VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions. Our research protocols aim to reduce VOC emissions and replace hexavalent chromium and other CMR (Carcinogenic Mutagenic Reprotoxic) substances with new generations of products. These projects are supported by European agencies responsible for assisting innovative companies.

Our world presence

Our worldwide locations and partnerships, together with the responsiveness of our teams, allow us to be close to our customers and respond to their needs.

Our locations worldwide