Corporate Social Responsibility / Socoway

For many years now, SOCOMORE has aimed to be a positive actor in society, especially for its employees, its community and the planet. At the occasion of the development of the 2019-2024 strategic plan, we decided  to formalize our historic societal commitment with the SOCOWAY, Socomore’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy. This new policy places sharing at the heart of its action: it is by sharing with those around us that we will create value for all. The SOCOWAY is anchored in 3 areas (economic, environmental and societal) and oriented around 6 sharing commitments:  

  1. Build partnerships with all stakeholders,
  2. Share the added value created by the company,
  3. Improve the environmental impact of our products, processes, and activities,
  4. Develop our collaborative work places, work methods, and work tools,
  5. Take action for quality of life at work,
  6. Promote the involvement of our employees in local community projects.

Download the SOCOWAY charter

We also signed the Responsible Care Charter (French) of the International Council of Chemical Associations