Group organisation

Group SOCOMORE S.A.: Governance

  • The majority shareholder:
    • Frédéric Lescure
  • Group managers
  • Investors:
    • CM-CIC Capital Finance
    • ACE Management (through Aerofund II)
    • RAISE
    • BPI France

Executive committee


Created in 1972 by Jean Bossuet, Socomore (called Socomor at the time) was established in Vannes, on land made available by the prefect (the state’s representative in a department or region) at that time. The company produced cleaners for the Parisian metro tunnels. In 1974, Socomore began supplying the aerospace industry (Airbus now) in Nantes and Saint Nazaire.  They supplied solvents from the DIESTONE range for general cleaning of aircraft structural parts prior to assembly, and products from their temporary protection range. This enabled Socomore to become a significant global player in this sector.At the end of 1998, the company was given a fresh impetus with the arrival of a new management team led by Frédéric Lescure. It took off in Europe first, then Asia and Russia. Before long they moved to North America to serve Boeing and Bombardier, and then Embraer in South America.Socomore has grown rapidly thanks to an international partnership network grouped together in an alliance called Aerochemicals. In 2001, Socomore and Contec, an American company, launched a range of solvent pre-saturated wipes to help customers reduce their environmental impact, and improve working conditions in workshops. This was very successful and allowed Socomore to finance the substantial investments needed to keep up with the rapid growth of its large customers, and to satisfy the regulatory requirements associated with the manufacture of chemical products.

Since 2010, Socomore has accelerated its international expansion, particularly in North America, thanks to the acquisition of synergistic companies in strategic areas. This international approach is based on the analysis of the aerospace market, which is essentially based on four manufacturers: Airbus (historic customer), Boeing (inescapable), Bombardier and Embraer (growing strongly). At the same time, Socomore continues to invest in R & D so as to offer customers environmentally friendly surface preparation solutions (Diestone A8284, Socogel, etc.). In 2012, Socomore inaugurated a new factory and supply chain, designed to serve customers around the world and sustainably support their development.