The Socomore Group wants to share the vision and strategy reflected in our purchasing practices with all our partners and suppliers. Our suppliers and partners are essential to develop our business and meet the requirements of the aerospace industry.

Our mission

Purchasing projects are part of the Socomore Group strategy and ensure that our suppliers are qualified, and the products/services they supply are qualified and available at the best cost, lead-time, quality standards, terms and conditions in order to support the Socomore Group’s operations and innovation.

Our commitment to our responsible suppliers and partners means we:

  • Establish a sustainable and balanced relationship based on mutual trust
  •  Guarantee the Group’s financial health
  • Manage our mutual dependence risks
  • Involve our suppliers in our projects and throughout the life cycle of our products
  • Share our successes
  • Take environmental and social issues into account in our purchasing practices

Why become a Soco supplier? To:

  • Develop a relationship with a reliable and secure customer
  • Participate and share in Socomore’s international growth
  • Offer a wide range of products and services in response to Socomore’s various axes: surface preparation, surface treatment and control, etc.
  • Benefit from access to the global aerospace market
  • Be involved in project development and product/service life

How do you become a Soco supplier?

Supplier reference steps:

We are looking for different materials for our 4 R&D poles:

  • Surface Treatment: aqueous corrosion inhibitors, biosurfactants, inorganic salts, hydrotropes

/ See our Surface Treatment solutions

  • Coatings: silanes, corrosion inhibitors, elastomers, resins

/ See our Coatings solutions

  • Adhesives & Sealants: neat resins, curing agents, fillers, rheology additives

/ See our Adhesives & Sealant solutions

  • Surface Preparation: VOC free solvents, green corrosion inhibitors, biosurfactants, thixotropic agents

/ See our Surface Preparation solutions

The commitments required from our responsible suppliers and partners:

  • Quality and consistent supply throughout the product/service life cycle
  • Promotion and respect of ethical rules and the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact, including the respect of human rights, the fight against corruption and the protection of people and the environment
  • Development of innovative products and processes with reduced environmental impact
  • Continuous improvement of the products and services provided
  • Proposal of effective and competitive ideas to support our worldwide operation

The Socomore Group includes our suppliers and partners in our development strategy, and expects in return a lasting relationship that is rich in constructive exchanges.

View our Purchasing Conditions, Quality Requirements and Supplier Relations

& Responsible Purchasing documents by clicking here.

You want to become a Soco supplier? Send us an e-mail using the contact form.