Covid-19: Our commitment to continue to supply our customers

The situation regarding Covid-19 is changing from day to day.

SOCOMORE is closely following the latest information from the government and acts on their advice to protect our employees

We will continue to make every effort in offering you our products and services:

  • We are still maintaining contact with our suppliers to find out more about the possible risks of stock-outs or other business continuity problems being encountered.
  • We also regularly check in with our teams to find out about each person’s availability, and more specifically on jobs that allow continuity of operational flows that require a physical presence. Our available workforce is primarily assigned to maintaining our production, delivery and customer management flows.
  • A business continuity plan is in place and we update it continuously. Physical permanence is ensured on our sites, and the vast majority of our staff have the means to telecommute and remain reachable.
  • Note that we have prohibited non-emergency visits to our sites.

In order to best meet the demands of our customers and to size our logistics and production accordingly, we invite you to notify your usual contact if you have or intend to stop your operations. This is to allow us to make the best possible decisions in this uncertain context.

Communication with our customers, suppliers, and employees is essential.

The entire SOCOMORE team is mobilized to maintain the business activity and to respond to your questions, in priority by email or for emergency by phone.

Complementary to our usual activity, we have partially dedicated a manufacturing line to produce hydroalcoholic solution/gel for French hospitals and industries. Learn more and place preorders on :