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One range for all sealant operations
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Complex checks are a mandatory part of aircraft heavy maintenance in aerospace MRO, but MRO companies are still challenged to limit aircraft downtime. Each stage of the MRO operation has an active role and doesn’t want to waste time, especially during sealant removal operations!

SOCOMORE understands the issues facing MRO operators and offers a full range of sealant removal solutions to simplify and speed up operations.

Our fluted SkyScraper range of scrapers are resharpenable and specially designed to fit the SkyMill­™ Revolution and SkyEdgit sharpening devices, meaning they can be used for longer as they retain their sharp cutting edge. The SkyGrip, suitable for use with all SkyScraper scrapers, is an interchangeable comfortable rubber grip that reduces and prevents injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

How are sealants removed in aerospace operations?

First, the operator removes the old sealant with a scraper. The surface is then cleaned with a solvent or water-based pre-saturated wipe to remove any residue. After this, the surface is cleaned again so it is ready for sealant to be reapplied.

One range for all sealant operations

Sealant removal operations

SkyScraper scrapers remove cured adhesives and sealants without damaging the surface. For optimal use, they are available in different materials, shapes and sizes to suit a variety of applications.

“The main advantage of SOCOMORE fluted SkyScraper scrapers is that they can be resharpened at point of use with our sharpening devices, meaning they constantly have a sharp cutting edge compared to traditional disposable scrapers. They can be resharpened up to 20 times” explains Benoît Côte, Product Manager at SOCOMORE.

The fluted SkyScraper range is available in 2 materials:

  • POM (311 series): softer material that offers greater flexibility, white in colour.
  • ULTEM (310 series): tougher material, amber in colour.

Both the POM and ULTEM SkyScraper range are available in 4 different sizes for precise sealant removal: 1.45” (37 mm), 0.98” (25 mm), 0.55” (14 mm) and 0.12” (3mm).

SkyScraper range
SkyScraper range made of ULTEM or POM

Sealant application

Range of sealant applicators
SkySpatula, SkySmoother and SkySpreader: a range of application tools

“We aim to simplify operations. That is why we also developed a sealant, adhesive and liquid shim application range.” says Benoît Côte.

This range is comprised of 3 tools:

  • SkySpatula: for overcoating applications.
    Available in 2 sizes (184 or 241 mm), the SkySpatula is specially designed for precise and easy sealant and adhesive application.
  • SkySpreader: for interfay and gap filling applications.
    Available in ULTEM (soft) or PEEK (rigid) to spread and smooth sealants and adhesives.
  • SkySmoother: for fillet applications.
    A polypropylene (PP) fluorescent tool with two smoothing edges (9 and 25 mm).

Need of sealant application


The fluted SkyScraper range is qualified by multiple OEMs.

AIRBUSC/Lab 14935/05/A13: Ultem Scraper System
BOEINGBAC5000: POM Scraper System
BOMBARDIERBAPS 157-028 – P Spec 603: Ultem Scraper System – Application of Polysulphide Type Sealing Materials
BOEING (HELICOPTERS, MESA)HP5-10: 310, 311 series, 312/4B, 312/5B, 312/6B, 310/1, 309/3, 312/2, 312/3, 312/6, 312/1, 312/10


Portable sharpening devices

During use, scrapers become blunt and ineffective. Fluted SkyScraper scrapers have an extended lifespan thanks to the SkyMill­™ Revolution and SkyEdgit sharpening devices.

Scrapers state
Comparison between a resharpened SkyScraper and a well-worn scraper

SkyMill­™ Revolution

SkyMill™ Revolution ULTEM SkyScraper
SkyMill™ Revolution allows the fluted SkyScraper to be resharpened multiple times

The battery operated SkyMill­™ Revolution sharpening device is compatible with the 310 and 311 series fluted SkyScraper range. The machine is:

  • Portable
  • Rechargeable
  • Lightweight

With the SkyMill­™ Revolution, a fluted Skyscraper can be resharpened up to 20 times for continuous productivity and reduced waste.

“Remove any residual dust generated by sharpening from the scraper with SOCOMORE’s water-based pre-saturated wipes before using the SkyScraper again to avoid cross-contamination.” advises Benoît Côte.


The SkyEdgit is a handheld manual device that keeps the scraper’s cutting edge sharp. The device is compatible with the 310 and 311 series fluted SkyScraper range.

As the SkyEdgit is designed for use at point of use, operators don’t need to leave their work station, increasing productivity.

Handles & Grips

SOCOMORE offers a range of ergonomic accessories for operator comfort and safety.

Range of handles and grips
Handles and grips for the SkyScraper range
  • SkyGrip: ergonomic interchangeable rubberized grip for use with all SkyScraper and Seat Track scrapers. Suitable for use with both the 311 (POM) and 310 (ULTEM) series.
  • SkyTube: extension handle for use with a SkyScraper for high up and difficult to reach areas.
  • SkyPlane: comfortable handle for use with a SkyScraper to absorb pressure during sealant removal operations.
  • SkyExtendable Handle & Adaptor: telescopic handle with comfortable foam grip for use with a SkyScraper Seat Track, SkyBlade & SkyCarrier. Adjustable from 2’ to 4’ (61-122 cm) for hard to reach areas.


FOD (Foreign Object Debris) is of critical concern during cleaning operations. SOCOMORE has developed tools to minimize FOD risk.

  • POM (white) SkyScraper scrapers fluoresce under a UV light.
  • SkyViz: UV clip for use on ULTEM SkyScraper scrapers. Will fluoresce under UV light for easy detection.
Fluorescent solutions
SkyViz and POM fluorescent SkyScraper

Other tools

Seat track cleaners

Seat track cleaners
Range of SkyScraper Seat Track cleaners

The SkyScraper Seat Track range is available in ULTEM and POM in Airbus/ Bombardier and Boeing profiles. This tool is designed to clean interior cabin seat tracks. Various accessories are available for operator comfort and safety.

Adhesive tape removers

Adhesive tape removers
SkyBlade and SkyCarrier to remove adhesive tape
  • SkyBlade: removes adhesives and sealants from large surface areas. Available in 3 sizes (2”, 4” and 6”) in PEEK and UTLEM to suit different types of adhesives.
  • SkyCarrier: available in 3 sizes for use with 2”, 4” and 6” SkyBlade. Select the size that best suits the adhesive tape width. Suitable for use with the SkyExtendable handle.

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