SOCOMORE creates SOCOSAFE, its range for hand and surface disinfection

All SOCOMORE Group employees have been mobilized since the start of the Covid-19 crisis to continue to meet the needs of their customers, but also to reconfigure their factories, mainly in France and the United States, for the urgent production of hydro-alcoholic gels / solutions to alleviate the shortage in hospitals and companies that have maintained their activity.

At a time when many companies are preparing to reopen,  SOCOMORE has complete kits for companies resuming activity, including: 

hydro-alcoholic gel/solution refills, in accordance with the formula recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization) and as part of the French derogation for hand disinfection.

Pre-saturated Ethanol 70/30 wipes for the disinfection of surfaces: work tables, desks, door handles etc, without rinsing and quick drying. 

These kits allow companies to continue or resume their activity under strict hygienic conditions for their employees, customers, suppliers. 

This offering is based on 3 pillars:

  • Regulatory: Hydroalcoholic solution and gel formulas validated by the WHO
  • Solidarity: SOCOMORE undertakes to distribute free of charge to hospitals, retirement homes and associations the equivalent of 10% of the SOCOSAFE volumes sold
  • Responsibility: an “ecological” refill system for empty containers.

Worldwide availability subject to local regulations. Your sales contact is available to answer your questions.

You are a French company and want more information or to order large volumes (> 1/2 pallet)? Click here

You are a French company and want more information or to order small volumes (<1/2 pallet)? Click here to visit our BABBCO Subsidiary webstore