Efficient cleaning is the main challenge for surface preparation

The surface preparation is an essential step before bonding, painting, or any treatment on a metal surface. Our water-based solutions developed by our R&D team allow you to improve:

  • Health & Safety,
  • working conditions,
  • reduce environmental impact.

No need to compromise on paint or glue adherence properties and no need for extra steps in the process!

SOCOMORE is well known for surface preparation and treatment where high quality is needed. The chemical company built its reputation on the quality of its product and the service in the aerospace industry. We learned how to go with our customers and find the right solution for them.

SOCOMORE offers products for the railway industry where good performance products need to be applied. We know that the quality of the degreaser is primordial before the bonding or painting application. Our R&D team tends to develop products approved by Alstom and SNCF.

High speed trainHigh speed train
Water-based cleaners for railcars' surface preparation

Surface preparation before bonding in the railway industry

The train structure includes various elements needing adhesives such as:

  • body panels,
  • doors,
  • toilets,
  • electronic equipment,
  • seating,
  • carpet,
  • vinyl, etc.

Before bonding those different elements to maximize their performance and lifetime, it is primordial to properly prepare the surface.

Use a water-based solution such as SOCOCLEAN A2519 to replace solvent-based products to prepare surfaces for trains. SOCOMORE offers solutions whose environmental performances take into account all Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) regulations. Our research protocols include REACh, GHS, VOC reduction, etc.

See our range of products for the railway industry here.

How to limit the environmental and toxicologic impacts of the use of chemical products?

Our cleaners and degreasers' formulation is as efficient as traditionally used products (eg. raw materials). It allows you to secure the working environment.
Using water-based cleaners and degreasers means:

  • There is no bad smell during the bonding operation
  • It is safe for the workers to apply the solution

Cleaners used in the railway industry for surface preparation

 Water-based cleaners efficient for surface preparation on trains Water-based cleaners efficient for surface preparation on trains
Our water-based cleaners are used to prepare surfaces for trains both inside and outside

SOCOMORE offers a wide range of cleaners for both interior and exterior applications for the railway industry. Below is a selection of our main solutions.

Product Application Cleaner Flash point Volatility
SOCOCLEAN A2519 Surface preparation before paint, bond, and sealant application Water-based cleaner, VOC free N/A Medium volatility
SOCOCLEAN A2501 Surface preparation before paint, bond, and sealant application 30% VOC solvent 20-30°C (68-86°F) ‘improved’ volatility
SOCOCLEAN A2501 UV surface preparation: before bonding, before sealant application, and/or before painting (specially formulated to allow a post-operation control). 30% VOC solvent 20-30°C (68-86°F) ‘improved’ volatility

Why is IPA often used for surface preparation?

Traditionally the railway industry would use the raw material IPA (Isopropanol) to prepare surfaces before bonding or painting.

Here are IPA characteristics:

  • colorless,
  • quick evaporation time,
  • flammable liquid,
  • strong alcoholic odor,
  • easily mixed with water,
  • used on light grease and dust.

IPA disadvantages:

  • high-flashpoint: 13°C/56°F,
  • 100% VOC emission,
  • considered as hazardous material.

Rail vehicle manufacturers face daily challenges to become more environmentally friendly and take better care of their workers' health. SOCOMORE cleaners can be used for railcars interior before non-critical bonding, eg. rugs bonding, etc.

Comparison table water-based cleaners vs IPAComparison table water-based cleaners vs IPA
Comparison table water-based cleaners vs IPA

Surface cleaning before painting and bonding applications

SOCOMORE solutions are applied by wiping, brushing, spraying, or by immersion.

  • SOCOCLEAN A2519 is a ready-to-use solution and can be used without dilution at room temperature in pre-saturated wipes.
  • SOCOCLEAN A2501 is ideally used on presaturated wipes. Otherwise, the liquid product should be used as supplied without dilution at ambient temperature.
  • SOCOCLEAN A2501 UV is available as presaturated wipes only.

To guarantee a clean and quickly dry surface, we recommend the use of pre-saturated wipes. The application with pre-saturated wipes is the method of application which will allow you to have the right quantity of degreasing solution for all your surface preparations before bonding, application of mastic or painting.

SOCOCLEAN A2519 water-based cleaners alternative to solvents

SOCOCLEAN A2519 is a water-based alternative to solvents used for cleaning excess adhesives and uncured sealants (polyurethanes and silicones) from surfaces and application equipment. The water-based cleaner can be applied in pre-saturated wipes, by brushing or spraying, or by immersion in a bath.

For wiping applications, it shows the best results when used with our pre-saturated wipes. It effectively cleans and degreases a large variety of contaminants.

SOCOCLEAN A2519 can be applied on various metal surfaces (aluminum, steel, titanium).

Available formats

Pre-saturated wipes for cleaning before painting and bonding applications

SOCOMORE offers a ready-to-use solution with pre-saturated wipes. The degreasing wipes exist in various formats:

  • 15x28 cm - optimal size for hands
  • 21X30 cm - A4 format to cover large surfaces
  • 26x34 cm - rectangular big size to apply with a mop
Pre-saturated wipes can be used with a mop on large surfacesPre-saturated wipes can be used with a mop on large surfaces
Pre-saturated wipes can be used with a mop on large surfaces

The wipes are pre-saturated with the cleaning and degreasing solution. Used for manual surface preparations, the ready to use wipes are combined with the following cleaners:

  • SOCOCLEAN A2519, non-VOC water-based cleaner for cleaning excess adhesives tapes, glues, and uncured sealants from surfaces and application equipment.
  • SOCOCLEAN A2501, low-VOC multi-purpose low-VOC surface cleaner for general cleaning and degreasing operations in painting and bonding workshops.
  • SOCOCLEAN A2501 UV, low VOC solvent-based cleaner before bonding with UV tracer

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