CHEMGLAZE is a range of coatings created by LORD Corporation, acquired by the SOCOMORE Group in 2016.

CHEMGLAZE products are coatings suitable for various metal and plastic substrates (including PVC) whether they are rigid or semi-rigid.

This is why the range contains both hygro-curing aliphatic polyurethane coatings and elastomeric coatings.

The CHEMGLAZE range offers great versatility and a recognized resistance

  • To weathering
  • To abrasion
  • To erosion
  • To impacts
  • To chemical products

Chemglaze products are mainly used in the aeronautical industry to protect the leading edges of fixed and rotary wing aircraft against abrasion, erosion and minor impact damage.

Chemglaze products are approved by manufacturers such as BOEING, PRATT & WHITNEY, ...

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