SOCOGEL range consists of sol-gel coatings used in surface preparation before painting or bonding:

  • adhesion promoters for primers and paints on metals (aluminum, titanium, stainless steel), plastics, and composites substrates. 
  • anti-corrosion properties
  • anti erosion properties
  • decorative effects on glass
  • anti-scratch, hydrophobic, 
  • etc

SOCOGEL products, based on patented technologies, are alternatives to chromated or toxic conversion products since they do not contain chromate or carcinogenic compounds (CMR).

Moreover, it does not require rinsing or effluent treatment, which can generate productivity gains.

SOCOGEL products are approved by aeronautical manufacturers (OEM) such as BOEING, DASSAULT AVIATION, COMAC, GENERAL ELECTRIC, etc., and are used by both manufacturers and maintenance operators (MRO). Thanks to SOCOGEL application on their aircrafts, many OEMs and Airlines solved paint adhesion issues and extended the paint system lifetime between two strippings.

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