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Sold by: box of 8 rolls of wipes size 20x20 cm.

SOCOWIPES MULTI are multi-purpose wipes. This professional dry wash solution provides rapid results in any location.

To ensure maximum effectiveness, SOCOWIPES MULTI has been developed using a robust, lint-free, solid and embossed cloth, equally ideal for removing heavy pollutants such as grease or mastic and stubborn stains from oil or paint. The impregnation solution combines cleaning effectiveness with yeasticidal action, as well as bactericidal and fungicidal action, to ensure perfect hand hygiene on construction sites and active cleaning of work surfaces, tools and equipment.

Complete solution:

  • SOCOWIPES MULTI – a ready-to-use solution for all-purpose elimination.
  • ‘Dry’ solution – Soap and water are no longer needed.
  • Suitable for ON-SITE use in workshops or MOBILE use on construction sites and in service vehicles.
  • Effective on a multitude of pollutants commonly found in industry, construction or mechanics.
  • Replaces a large quantity of cleaning products.


Safe and ergonomic solution:

  • Gentle on hands: zero irritant or sensitizing effect
  • Lightly scented impregnation product
  • Size suitable for all uses: large wipes 20 x 20 cm
  • No hazards identified – no constraints for transportation, storage or use
  • Yeasticidal, bactericidal and fungicidal efficiency

SOCOWIPES MULTI cannot be used to prepare a surface before applying adhesives, sealants or paint.

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