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Sold by: bi-component kit 30 mL pen.

Pre-paint surface preparation sol-gel with enhanced adhesion and anti-corrosion properties. Increases adhesion of aircraft primer and paint on metallic surfaces.

SOCOGEL B0202 is a sol-gel developed from a technology licensed by BOEING. Solgel conversion products are aqueous solutions of zirconium salts, activated by an organo-silicon compound. After application, the Solgel solution forms a high performance hybrid coating, which enhances the adhesion of paint systems on metals and alloys such as aluminium, titanium, stainless steel.

SOCOGEL B0202 or SOCOGEL B0202 BLUE performances comply with current aeronautical requirements and are an interesting alternative to chromate conversion technologies that are recognised as highly harmful for workers (classification H350: may cause cancer) which generate increasing waste treatment costs (baths, effluents).

SOCOGEL B0202 or SOCOGEL B0202 BLUE use is also more economical in terms of operating costs and effluent treatment, because no rinsing is required after application. SOCOGEL B0202 or SOCOGEL B0202 BLUE is available in the form of 2 component kits, in a colourless version (SOCOGEL B0202) or blue one (SOCOGEL B0202 BLUE) used to visualise the product when applied.

This coating technology is covered by one or more of the following patents: 6,077,885 - 5,866,652 – 792922 - 2,198,548 - 5,939,197 - 5,849,110 - 5,814,137 - 5,869,141 - 5,789,085 - 5,869,140 - 7,001,666 - 6,605,365 - 6,770,371 - 5,958,578 - 6,037,060 - US20040099183.

  • Efficacious alternative to chromate conversions based on Boeing patented technology.
  • Respect the environment as it is a no rinsing product.
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socogel_b0202_kits_parts_c_g_-sds-chinese-gbt-china.pdf (1.07MB)
socogel_b0202_part_c_SDS_english-HAZCOM-NA.pdf (150.69kB)
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socogel_b0202_part_g_SDS_english-HAZCOM-NA.pdf (140.55kB)
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socogel_part_c-sds-french-clp-europe.pdf (104.01kB)
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socogel_part_c-sds-lithuanian-clp-europe.pdf (102.41kB)
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socogel_part_c-sds-portuguese-clp-europe.pdf (103.50kB)
socogel_part_c-sds-romanian-clp-europe.pdf (101.04kB)
socogel_part_c-sds-russian-clp-europe.pdf (115.13kB)
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socogel_part_g-sds-czech-clp-europe.pdf (123.47kB)
socogel_part_g-sds-dutch-clp-europe.pdf (123.05kB)
socogel_part_g-sds-english-clp-europe.pdf (119.73kB)
socogel_part_g-sds-french-clp-europe.pdf (123.96kB)
socogel_part_g-sds-german-clp-europe.pdf (123.56kB)
socogel_part_g-sds-italian-clp-europe.pdf (122.33kB)
socogel_part_g-sds-lithuanian-clp-europe.pdf (122.66kB)
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socogel_part_g-sds-russian-clp-europe.pdf (134.62kB)
socogel_part_g-sds-slovak-clp-europe.pdf (124.06kB)
socogel_part_g-sds-spanish-clp-europe.pdf (122.60kB)
socogel_part_g-sds-swedish-clp-europe.pdf (121.83kB)
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SKU (GTIN) 3665792017512
Format Liquid
Usage unit Liter
Usage unit quantity 0.03
ERP Code P14002-108
Master product SOCOGEL B0202
VOC g/L 8.8000
Regulatory constraints Each customer is responsible for verifying the regulatory constraints incumbent on him for import and transport