DIESTONE R is the former PT Remover/ PT Sealant Remover/ Remover Wipes manufactured by PT Technologies Europe.

DIESTONE R is a heavy duty, higher flash point solvent cleaner in a pre-saturated wipe for sealant and adhesive residue removal. A powerful parts cleaning solvent, it has excellent solvency power and provides superior residue free surface cleaning during manufacture and maintenance activities in Aerospace MRO and OEM.

  • Residue free surface preparation without use of flammable or loose liquids
  • Replacement for low flash point liquid solvent cleaners such as MEK & Acetone
  • No risk of drips, slips or spills associated with liquid applications
  • Measured quantity of solvent per wipe reduces excess solvent usage
  • Controlled application reduces consumption and costs
  • Reliable cleaning capabilities and evaporation rates
  • Controlled evaporation reduces VOC emissions when moving from fast evaporating solvent based cleaners
  • Suitable for use on metallic and non-metallic materials
  • Product of renewable origin (or bio-sourced ); this product is plant-derived.
  • Available ONLY in low lint pre-saturated wipes (such as on SOCOSAT 15233 - a cloth compliant to AMS 3819C qualification requirements).
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