HDL 2524 C

A Two-Part Liquid Alkaline Permanganate Product Scale Oxidizer, Hot Section, Jet Engine Parts

HDL 2524 is used as part of a multi-stage process to assist in the removal of oxides and complex metallic heat scales from jet engine components.

HDL 2524 is a two-part product. HDL 2524C consists of liquid caustic alkalin. HDL 2524P consists of a concentrated liquid permanganate.

  • Liquid version easy to handle.
  • Highly effective oxidizer of complex heat scales without corrosion to base metals (ferrous and high temperature alloys).
  • Approved for use on high strength or high heat resistant alloys.
  • Minimum sludge formation at the bottom of the tank.

HDL 2524 is a product from the MagChem range.

HDL 2524 C
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