HYSO 96/3


HYSO 96/3 is a solvent compound with a high flash point and controlled volatility, free from chlorinated or aromatic solvents, ethylene glycols and fluorinated compounds.

  • HYSO 96/3 dries faster than the usual non chlorinated solvents. Compared to solvents having the same flammability classification (60°C), the evaporation time is halved.
  • Quickly dissolves agglomerated greases and other soils such as neat or soluble cutting oils, greasy, oily or wax-like temporary protective products and paraffins.
  • It can be easily used by spraying or by dipping with low evaporation losses and the slight odour has proved acceptable to users. 
  • Dielectric solvent for the cleaning without attack on electronic equipment (plastics, sheaths, etc.).
  • Since the loss by evaporation is moderate, the solvent consumption is reduced to that needed for the degreasing work. 
HYSO 96/3
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