Cured sealant remover

Formerly Elixair part numbers 306-1, 306-5, 307-1 & 307-5.

SkyRestore is an innovative solution for the quick removal of fully cured sealants and some adhesives. Available in liquid and gel formats for different applications, SkyRestore can be applied to quickly soften sealant from most parts of the aircraft including aircraft structures, fuel systems, nacelles, landing gear and joints for easy removal. The integrated sealant removal system provides speedy results when compared with alternative, traditional cured-sealant removal methods. It is effective on Polysulfide, Polythioether, Silicones and RTV sealants and can be used on most metallic surfaces commonly found in the aerospace manufacturing and maintenance sectors.

  • Thixotropic gel version suitable for overhead and vertical applications
  • Quickly softens cured sealants & adhesives for removal
  • Suitable for use on most metallic surfaces
  • For best results, use in conjunction with non-metallic SkyScraper to remove residue
  • In comparison with more traditional methods – e.g. mechanical and most chemical removal solutions – SkyRestore saves a lot of time in both application and use
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