REACh compliant borate and silicate free alkaline cleaner for surface cleaning operations on aluminum surface treatment lines before deoxidizing or desmutting with SOCOSURF A1858/ A1806. SOCOCLEAN A3432 can be used in immersion or spraying cleaning. It is specifically intended to replace degreasing baths with sodium borate. This substance is now registered in the SVHCs list (substances of very high concern) - list of extremely high concerns issued by the European Agency on chemical products (ECHA) within the frame of REACH regulations. Sodium borate is also in the Candidate List priority substances of Annex XIV of REACh (the Authorisation List ). The SOCOCLEAN A3432 main characteristics are:
  • Excellent degreaser: removes soluble oils, oily temporary protections and ink.
  • Degrease from 35 °C/95 °F.
  • Borate free, hexavalent chrome free, VOC free (volatile organic component according to EU regulation).
  • Silicate free solution that leaves no residues on the parts and thus is compatible with all following surface treatment processes (NDT, welding, anodizing, etc.).
  • Compatible with aluminium, titanium or stainless steel alloys.
  • Stock loss compliant to:
    • Airbus requirements on bare 2024 T3 at 55 °C/131 °F,
    • BAC 5749 on aluminium alloys and hard metals,
    • Bombardier BAPS 180 001 on bare 2024 T3 at 35 °C/95 °F.
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