Acidic additive for metal

SOCOSURF A1850 is an acidic additive that can be used in fluonitric acidic bath in complement of hydrofluoric acidas an additive in SOCOSURF A1858/A1806 desoxidiser bath to maintain performances and lengthen the bath life.

SOCOSURF A1858/A1806

REACh compliant Cr(VI) and fluoride free aluminium surface treatment. Etches, de-smuts and deoxidizes aluminium and its alloys after alkaline treatment. Stable etch rate and consistent performance, even as the bath ages.

  • The SOCOSURF A1858/A1806 bath is used by immersion. For use by spraying, refer to the TDS of “SOCOSURF A1858/A1806 WS” mix.
  • It is especially suited for use prior to chromic conversion or solgel treatment such as SOCOGEL, anodising, penetrant inspection, chemical milling, bonding and welding operations.
  • SOCOSURF A1858 can be used alone when the subsequent treatments are not critical.
  • As it is free from hexavalent chromium and fluoride ions product handling and waste treatment are easier and lower cost. It complies with current environmental and safety requirements.
  • The absence of fluoride provides a homogeneous attack on alloys and provides stability to the bath and its performance.
  • SOCOSURF A1858 is the acid concentrated part for setting up the etching deoxidizing bath.
  • SOCOSURF A1806 is the part essential to give all its characteristics to the treatment bath.
  • All the bath active components can be readjusted either by adding products used for the setting up or by adding SOCOSURF A1850 or SOCOMUL TA to lengthen the bath life and maintain its performance.
  • SOCOSURF A1850 is an acid additive.
  • SOCOMUL TA is an additive which allows readjustment of the the bath surface tension.
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