Acid surface neutralizer for hard metals without fluoride

SOCOSURF A1858 is an acid surface neutralizer for titanium alloys, stainless steel and refractories. It does not remove any material.

SOCOSURF A1858 is part of the following range of treatments: Degreaser (type SOCOCLEAN A3431) > Rinsing > SOCOCLEAN A3068 > Rinsing > SOCOSURF A1858 > Rinsing.

A SOCOGEL can then be applied to optimize the paint or glueing properties of the parts.

This range does not contain fluoride and replaces fluonitric acid baths. This range is particularly suitable before sol-gel, bonding and painting operations.

SOCOSURF A1850 is an acid additive and can be added to maintain the acidity level of SOCOSURF A1858.

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