Chromium vi free conversion and sealing

Cr(III) based aluminium surface treatment solution for chemical conversion & sealing after anodizing. High level of corrosion resistance on 2XXX & 7XXX series aluminium alloys. REACH compliant alternative to Cr(VI). 

SOCOSURF TCS and SOCOSURF PACS are an alternative process to Chromium VI for conversion treatments and for sealing after anodizing. On aluminium alloys, the corrosion protection provided is comparable to that of hexavalent chromium (Cr(VI)).

SOCOSURF TCS and SOCOSURF PACS can be used for:

  • Conversion and sealing after anodizing on aluminium to obtain corrosion resistance, or to promote paint adhesion.
  • Local touch-ups on aluminium alloys.

The process consists of 2 successive baths:

  1. SOCOSURF TCS is used for conversion, to form an iridescent protection layer on the surface of the part, or for sealing after anodizing (OAS, TSA, BSA, etc.).
    It is a trivalent chromium (Cr(III)) based solution.
  2. SOCOSURF PACS is a post-treatment used to reinforce the conversion or sealed anodized layer.

The process can be used for local touch-ups 

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