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Collaboration and teamwork | Right to be wrong | Consideration | Attentiveness | Audacity | Integrity | Responsibility | Transparency | Empathy | Commitment | Solution Provider

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Joining Socomore means joining an international group in which people are at the heart of its development strategy. This is expressed through an ambitious and locally pragmatic global HR policy. Constantly evolving, particularly in external growth, the group has structured itself over the years by relying on career opportunities and skills development is a constant concern. We are convinced that “Living well” and “Working well” together must be based on shared values ​​to which we strive to give reality on a daily basis. We are particularly concerned about the quality of life at work, assessed every month, in a "full digital" fashion, for all teams around the world, regardless of their location and their working language. We promote civic involvement by funding projects led by employees. We develop HR approaches that take into account. ecological issues; for example, for nearly 20 years, some of our employees have experimented with teleworking ...


Director of Human Relations

Some figures we are proud of

6 factories and 22 subsidiaries / sales offices
Male / Female equality index 86 / 100 (SOCOMORE SASU)
Innovation: 11% of employees in R&D
A multinational & multicutural team of 300 people

A responsible and engaged chemist
ISO Certifications (9001, 9100, 14001)

French law created the Gender Equality Pay Index.

The gender pay equality index is the sum of the scores obtained on 4 indicators, calculated each year. The minimum score is 75 points/100. SOCOMORE SASU's 2022 equal pay index for women and men is 84 points/100.

Scores by indicator:

  • the gender pay gap: 29 points obtained out of 40;
  • the difference in the distribution of individual increases: 35 points obtained out of 35;
  • the number of employees increased on their return from maternity leave: 15 points obtained out of 15;
  • the number of people of the under-represented sex among the 10 highest earners: 5 points obtained out of 10.