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  • Does SOCOMORE sell products to private individuals ?

    No. Socomore’s distribution model is designed for industrial companies. We do not sell to private individuals.

  • Are Socomore's products REACH regulation compliant?

    Being ourselves "dowstream users", we are unable to answer specific requests (questionnaires, certificates or statements, etc...) that are outside the strict legal framework of our duties as defined by the Regulations.

    1) With regard to the products we deliver:
    We are not ourselves manufacturers of substances, but we communicate all the necessary information to our suppliers of substances so that they can proceed with the pre-registrations and registrations for all the uses we listed.

    The substances contained in our products are at present either:
    a)    Preregistered under the article 23 of the regulation. (the "preregistration" numbers are not available, only the registration numbers will be gradually integrated when the safety data sheets are updated)
    b)    Exempted under the article 2 (polymer, annexes IV and V, etc...) or article 6 (substance < 1 ton/ year introduced on the market, by the manufacturer or importer)
    c)    Considered as registered, article 15 (biocidal substances) or article 24 (substances notified ELINCS)
    All the products we put on the market comply with REACH regulation

    2) With regard to the substances called "Substances of Very High Concern" subject to authorization (Title IV, article 33, Title VII and annexe XIV):
    The products we provide do not contain any substance from the "candidate list" drawn up by the ECHA .

    3) SOCOMORE's responsibilities towards its customers (article 31 of the regulation),
    We fulfil our responsibilities and obligations towards our customers by sending them the safety data sheets with the updates resulting from the registrations (particularly the registration numbers, § 9 of article 31), and if necessary the exposure scenarios.
    Of course these updates will occur as soon as we receive them ourselves from the manufacturers of substances during the transitional period between 2009 and 2018, as scheduled by the article 23 of the regulation. They will be transmitted to our customers in accordance with the article 31 of the regulation.
    IMPORTANT: These safety data sheets represent our written commitment to our customers regarding REACH regulation to the exclusion of all other document (cf regulation, title IV : "information within the supply chain").

  • How can I access Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)?

    For confidentiality and traceability, Socomore does not put MSDS online. They are on a secure extranet. To access, simply click on the ‘access secure extranet’ link that can be found on each product page.