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Socomore Expands Its Coating Capabilities Through Its Acquisition Of The Mäder Group Aerospace And Defense Business Unit

SOCOMORE has finalized its acquisition of the MÄDER Group Aerospace and Defense Business Unit, completing a 100% buy-out of MÄDER AERO, a company who develops and markets aerospace coatings. For SOCOMORE Group, this takeover presents…

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Chromate And Fluoride Free Aluminium Deoxidizers

Reduce bath renewals, production stoppages and their associated costs   Table of Content Aluminium Surface Treatment      Aluminium surface treatment process for aerospace applications      Why deoxidize aluminium? Safer aluminium deoxidizers    …

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Deoxidizer With A Triple Bombardier, Boeing And Airbus Qualification

Good news for aerospace multi-vendor sub-contractors, a deoxidizer for aluminium without hexavalent chromium and fluoride qualified by majors OEMs is available on the market. SOCOSURF A1858/A1806 is a solution to deoxidize aluminium in surface treatment…

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Ehs Issues With Traditional Aluminium Deoxidizing Solutions

The aluminium surface treatment process in the aerospace industry involves several stages as the aluminum part moves from pretreatment to final treatment. Pretreatment is the first stage of the process. First, the part is immersed…

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  • logo aero india socomore

    20-24 Feb / Aero India

  • Avalon Australian International Airshow Socomore

    26 Feb - 03 Mar / Australian International Airshow

  • IntAIRCOAT Conference 2019 Socomore

    14-15 May / Intaircoat Conference

  • ParisAirShow_socomore

    17-23 Jun / Paris Air Show Le Bourget

  • seoul_adex_logo_socomore

    15-20 Oct / Seoul ADEX


    13-14 Nov / China Aviation & MRO Aftermarket Conference 2019