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Surface technology is Socomore’s area of expertise. We know our customers methods and applications, the complexity of their processes and the constraints involved in metallic and composite surface operations.

Socomore is a specialist in the design and manufacture of high quality, added value chemical solutions and technologies for:

In each category there are products specially designed, and approved by multiple manufacturers (OEMs), for every stage of their operation. As each facility is different, with specific processes and requirements, our technical support team works with customers to ensure they always have the best solution to meet their needs, and can benefit from the environmental, process, performance improvements and operational cost savings offered by our products. Socomore is a global supplier, but with locally based teams and solutions.

Surface preparation

Chemical and mechanical sealant removal products, gel and liquid paint strippers, water-based lubricants, exterior aircraft cleaners and engine part cleaning solutions that ensure particle-free cleaning and spotless surface preparation prior to paint, bond, sealant application and non-destructive testing on metallic and composite surfaces during manufacturing (OEM) and maintenance/repair (MRO) operations.

Surface treatment

Treatment and activation solutions for metal surfaces. Specialist range designed to etch, deoxidize, descale and condition. Includes a complete REACH compliant aluminium surface treatment range of Cr(VI) and borate free products.

Surface protection

Washable and peelable temporary protection products, water-based, oil and wax corrosion inhibitors, mold release agents and chemical milling masks. Suitable for application on metal and composite, painted and unpainted surfaces to protect against environmental, physical and chemical attack.

Non destructive testing

Products, equipment and accessories for penetrant and magnetic particle testing, and ultrasonic couplants for aerospace and other industries through our subsidiary Babbco and partner, Sherwin Babbco. Our dedicated NDT Technical Engineering and Support Team assists our customers from product recommendation through to delivery, maintenance and after sales service.


Paint adhesion promoters and anti-corrosion coatings to help solve rivet-rash and stripping / repainting maintenance issues. We also offer lightning strike protection coatings and anti-erosion coatings for use on exterior leading edges and surfaces.


Moldable shim materials eliminate gaps and differences in composite and metallic assemblies. They act as both an adhesive and a shim.

Professional hygiene

SOCOSAFE is a complete range of products for hand disinfection, surface cleaning and disinfection and face protection: hydroalcoholic gel, hydroalcoholic solution, pre-saturated cleaning and sanitizing wipes, surface disinfectant, etc. Our products are ready to use, without dilution, and comply with the regulations in force. Our products are efficient against virus (including coronavirus), bactericidal, fungicidal and yeasticidal, including against the coronavirus.


Do you have a specific question? Please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page. If it hasn’t been asked before, please do contact us and we will be happy to help. Supporting customers is our priority.

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