Adhesion promoting coatings

Adhesion properties are a concern in painting and bonding processes. To comply with HS&E and other regulations (REACh, TSCA, DSL, IECSC, etc.), paint suppliers are developing new solutions, which need to be compatible with:

  • Different types of substrates: composite, thermoplastics, metallic (aluminum, titanium, steel, stainless steel, etc.).
  • New surface treatment solutions for anodizing, metal plating and conversion, etc., that meet regulatory requirements.

Are you finding it  challenging to maintain a high level of adhesion, regardless of the combination of substrate/treatment/ paint or bonding agent?

Socomore’s SOL-GELs are the solution for you. SOCOGELs are adhesion promoters that act as a binding agent, increasing the strength of the bond between the paint or bonding agent and the substrate.

Aqueous solutions of zirconium salts activated by an organometallic compound, they improve the coating’s adhesion properties and also protect the paint system against corrosion by reinforcing its corrosion resistance. Salt spray and filiform corrosion test results show coatings perform better with SOCOGEL.