Anti-erosion coatings

Are you dealing with erosion issues on exterior leading edges and surfaces?

SOCOMORE’s Aeroglaze and Chemglaze anti-erosion coatings are high-performance, abrasion-resistant protective coatings that offer protection against rain erosion and pitting caused by ground and airborne particulates. Applications include commercial helicopter blades, wing leading edges, engine fans and propellers, radomes and other composite structures.

These lightweight, easy to apply coatings reduce direct operating costs through lower maintenance and less downtime. They can also be used for passive health monitoring inspections as the wear indicator layer visually alerts operators before erosion can degrade the composite substrate.

Coatings in the Aeroglaze and Chemglaze range are qualified by the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Department of the Navy (MIL PRF 85322), and are also approved by the main aircraft and engine OEMs including Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Pratt & Whitney (PWA36510).

The Mäder Aero product range includes high technology coatings. This new product range is CMR free, low VOC and REACh compliant.

Mäder Aero has 25 years of experience developing coatings that meet the industry’s strictest requirements and standards. The Mäder Aero coating range is approved by multiple OEMs including SAFRAN, COLLINS AEROSPACE, THALES, AIRBUS HELICOPTERS and MBDA.