Professional hygiene

SOCOSAFE is a complete range of products for hand disinfection, surface cleaning and disinfection and face protection: hydroalcoholic gel, hydroalcoholic solution, pre-saturated cleaning and sanitizing wipes, surface disinfectant, etc. Our products are ready to use, without dilution, and comply with the regulations in force. Our products are efficient against virus (including coronavirus), bactericidal, fungicidal and yeasticidal, including against the coronavirus.

Hand hygiene

The use of hydroalcoholic solution is nowadays strongly recommended to the general public for hand disinfection. By disinfecting your hands regularly, you protect yourself and others in a simple and effective way from coronavirus and from infections that can be transmitted.

Socomore’s hand hygiene products are bactericidal EN 1276 (30 s), EN 13727 (30 s), EN 1500 (1 min), yeasticidal EN 13624 (1 min), fungicidal EN 13624 (1 min), virucidal EN 14476+A2 (1 min), including against the coronavirus.

As a major player in the chemical industry, the solutions we provide are produced and analyzed under the best conditions. Our formulas comply with WHO recommendations for hand antisepsis against Coronavirus. Our formulas are also authorized by the French decree of March 13, 2020.

Hand hygiene selection


Hydroalcoholic hand solution

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Surface cleaning and sanitizing

We touch surfaces with germs every day. They can be transmitted from one person to another. This is why cleaning and disinfecting surfaces is essential. Socomore offers a variety of disinfection products, in liquid packaging and pre-saturated wipes for optimal, fast and effective disinfection.

The pre-saturated multi-surface disinfecting wipes allow the disinfection of premises, surfaces and equipment. Virucidal in accordance with the EN 14476+A2 (30 sec) standard against coronavirus and based on 70% ethanol type TP2 with regard to the Biocide regulation, the professional cleaning and disinfection products of the SOCOSAFE range are ready to use and do not require rinsing. They are thus suitable for all types of work surfaces.

Surface cleaning and sanitizing selection


Surface cleaning and sanitizing wipes

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Surface cleaner and sanitizer

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