Hand hygiene

The use of hydroalcoholic solution is nowadays strongly recommended to the general public for hand disinfection. By disinfecting your hands regularly, you protect yourself and others in a simple and effective way from coronavirus and from infections that can be transmitted.

Socomore’s hand hygiene products are bactericidal EN 1276 (30 s), EN 13727 (30 s), EN 1500 (1 min), yeasticidal EN 13624 (1 min), fungicidal EN 13624 (1 min), virucidal EN 14476+A2 (1 min), including against the coronavirus.

As a major player in the chemical industry, the solutions we provide are produced and analyzed under the best conditions. Our formulas comply with WHO recommendations for hand antisepsis against Coronavirus. Our formulas are also authorized by the French decree of March 13, 2020.